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steal essence reuse?!?!

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steal essence reuse?!?! Empty steal essence reuse?!?!

Post  Playa on Thu Jan 28, 2010 6:31 pm

i wanna 1 reason why u give that much reuse on the steal essence u fcked up overlord/wcs... now we can play only as a buffers useless buffers i wanna reason we dont have much m atack and cast we even cant kill someone and with this reuse i kill this green creatures.......... zomg

pls fix it we want the previouse reuse.

we are 3-4 actives ol`s in the server dont make us buffers we spend too much time for gear..

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steal essence reuse?!?! Empty Re: steal essence reuse?!?!

Post  alleurro on Thu Jan 28, 2010 11:02 pm

indeed playa, i am 1 of them and it rly sux the changes that made...it's not like OL was an uberpwnage char in pvp anyway, but they thought it's time to nerf it tho and leave the others the same...i can't do a decent train, i can't survive in pvp more them 30 sec if a dagger targets me....and the OL is supposed to be the mage tank

it's like renewal it's worthless, unbuffed i have 2 secs reuse delay, full buffed 1-1.5 secs reuse delay for drain...let's make this server a dagger/sh/necro server...maybe few more tanks...and that's it...i'll go test some more and be back

and btw, if gmbuffer buffs are 1 hour, why not make player buffs the same? maybe some1 would rly enjoy playing a full time buffer main...the way things are now, buffers are completely worthless as playa said and unfortunately OL just became one of them...nerf more pls...maybe soul guard gives too much pdeff, take a look at it too, or maybe paagrio's honor gives too much cp, check it out, or maybe seals have a huge success chance (which they don't and i could complain about it, but i won't)

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